The Complete Wedding Expense List

The complete Wedding (Baraat) Expense list- From minimum to maximum and catering to different budget. Free to Download and share. Planning a wedding back home could be so much fun!


What would you want as a wedding gift?

Imagine, for a second, that you are getting married soon. Your friends and relatives are planning to give you nice wedding gifts. What do you want on your wedding? Comment Here!

Wedding Caterers & Decoraters

List of Wedding Caterers and Decorators-Download for Free
Plan your own wedding like a Pro! Planning your dream wedding in Karachi and need a fairy god mother to make your dream come true? This is the right place

Top 7 things I like about Pakistani Weddings

Originally posted on Youth Club Blog:
By Umm Ibrahim Here are the top 7 reasons that make me smile at the start of the wedding season.  These are the things that make attending a wedding worthwhile.  Yes, they actually make all the preparation and dressing up in chiffon and georgettes (in chilly December nights) and…