How to Ace Your Wedding Photo Shoot


Here are some tips from a wedding photographer. Enjoy reading!

A wedding ceremony is incomplete without brilliant photography, and for that, a good cameraman with an experienced grip on technology is mandatory. The wedding hall is full of emotions and motion which has to be captured for a lifetime. Later on, many years down the memory lane, these photos will be the only reminder of the small details of that special day which comes only once in a lifetime for most of us!

Photography is not an easy job, and when it comes to wedding photography you will need not only a professional but a pro. This profession requires a combination of talent and art, and the best photographers are very few and difficult to find. If the photographer’s hand is shaky for just a split of a minute, one of the memorable moments of your wedding might be missed. The significance of simple moments, the sentiments and the emotions of near and dear ones, can be portrayed with the talent and skills of the photographer.

Three Reasons why you need Professional Photography

  1. Bulk Load of pictures but nothing share worthy!

Hiring ordinary photographers will result in a large number of photos which were not meant to be taken. The type of photos a groom and the bride wish to store are only those that are of high pixel quality. Using the best DSLR camera and the special lenses can do the task with ease.


  1. The “WOW” Factor

The experienced photographer understands the angles and the amount of exposure a photo will need. You will be surprised by the outcome of the creative wedding photography. Some of the unique wedding photos would amaze you and you would be thinking “Wow , I never thought of it that way!”


  1. Budget, Budget, Budget: You don’t want to be pennywise pound foolish on your big day!

Wedding photography is a capital expense amounting to a significant chunk from the total wedding budget. One of the reasons why this cost is high and is rising in the current years is that it includes mehndi, sangeet, the final wedding day, reception and even the bachelorette night. The more events you want to include, the more it will cost. It would also mean creating more memories to relive the best moments of your life.


Tips and tricks for the Newly Wed Photoshoot

There are some key ingredients to make your photography  beautiful and spontaneous. By following these tricks, you will certainly end up with unique wedding photos that others will wish to have.

  1. Bright and Vibrant Colours under the Sun!

The pre-wedding photo shoot is as important as the post-wedding shoots. At the time of pre-wedding, the couples are required to pose in scenic locations for a unique type of photography. The outdoor portrait photography poses some differences than the indoor one. As pre-wedding shoots are done outdoor the intensity of the sunshine, the weather these things matter a lot. Wearing bright colored dresses will make the difference.


  1. Harmonized, Theme-based Bride Groom dresses for the Creative Wedding Photography

Our Tip: In the creative wedding photography, the bride and the groom may wear the dresses that will be in harmony with the wedding theme. But for pre-wedding shoots, choosing contrasting color will be a better choice.

  1. Trust your Photographer to Capture the Picture Perfect Pose!

The pose is another vital matter to think about. For that, you  just have to follow the ideas and instructions of the photographer. Initially, you might not be able to understand that, but the pro photographer has the clear idea about the outcome. Bridal portrait photography is one of the best executions of a creative idea. It may be a candid one or some implementation of a well-planned thought.

  1. Bye-Bye to Props

There is no need to hire extra props for the wedding photography. The bride is already wearing makeup and the groom should be dressed in vibrant colors.


After the photography is complete, the editing of the photos is another part that should be taken in the count. The cameraman’s expertise and aesthetic sense can be observed in the way he plays with lights and his focusing techniques in the photos.

At the end of the whole process when you will get the filtered pictures of your special days, you will notice small details which you might have missed. The love of your partner captured through the lens, and the blessings of the family evident throughout the wedding album. The photos might be presented as a slide show with some good background music demonstrating the presentation quality of the photographer. Enjoy the wedding occasion  to the fullest and rest assured that your photographer will capture the special moments so that you may relive the love, the emotions and the sentiments again!

About the Author
Shahid Roy
Shahid Roy


Shahid Roy is a professional photographer and wedding planner working with one of the top class photographers Asad Farooq in Pakistan, capturing special moments at weddings and other occasions. Besides, he also likes to write on his experiences and topics related to photography


Asad Farooq is a well-known wedding photographer. He may be contacted by filling out the following form.



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